Hermes – complex loan products support

Loans from own or EU resources
HERMES is a complex system that supports service of numerous kinds of loans such as loans from Loan Funds, Guarantee Funds and other organizations offering loans from its own funds or the EU funding. HERMES is a modern solution for lifecycle management of loans funded from one or multiple sources, it also supports loans from the JEREMIE initiative or loans from PARP Fund. HERMES meets the criteria required for recognizing the investment into the IT system as an eligible expenditure.

The purpose of HERMES system is to support and as much as possible to automate the processes of loan product processing - starting with the first initial inquiry and collecting data about borrowers and the security of the loan through preparing repayments simulations basing on a built-in loan calculator, evaluating the creditworthiness of the customer, application registration, generating documents, calculating interest and settling the payments, to the processes of monitoring and debt collection. Our Clients that have already implemented the system in their organisations have repeatedly confirmed that HERMES is an important support in implementing business processes of granting, accounting, monitoring effective management of loans.

HERMES system has an intuitive and friendly for employees user interface. The system lets you customize modules to your needs including  the following modules: administration  (managing system users by assigning roles and authorizations) , documents (printing the documents basing on document templates, documents can be prepared directly by the employees of the organization), accountant  (creating templates of accounting operations on financial data and exporting data to external accounting systems), corrections (manual edition of the balances on the system date, verification of the ​​adjustments in terms of their correctness, recording the history of corrections). Moreover, the system offers a wide range of reports and mechanisms to facilitate their creation.