eGEOS – a geolocalisation portal

eGeos portal is offered in cooperation with eMapa
eGEOS portal allows to publish an interactive map on the company’s website. The map contains geographic and tele-address data of the whole country and is equipped with the object search capability and the directions search. Thanks to eGEOS software application, a company can provide its customers with a tool that allows to search for the nearest agency, service point or ATM and plan the most convenient route to the destination point.
eGeos system is a geographic and tele-address database of Poland. The system allows you to add, modify and find Points of Interests. It determines the distance between selected objects according to the selected keys. You can choose for example the shortest and fastest road. In addition, you can also set your personal preferences for the route calculation such as choose only the national roads.
All functions are available through an easy to adjust and intuitive Web interface. There is a possibility of integration with other systems or applying the portal in the internal processes of the organization. The component structure of the eGeos portal also allow you to use it in internal processes such as the sales processes, claims service and assistance.