BPM Consulting

Knowledge and experience
BMS has many years of experience in analysis, inventory, auditing and other consulting tasks related to business processes. We work with a methodology based on the general approach to Enterprise Architecture Management TOGAF® which is the Open Group standard, as well as IBM process management and implementation methodology. We have many years of experience in implementing this types of projects. We use a systematic and optimal approach.
Pilot implementation

Initial recognition and implementation of the BPM program

In a typical case of business processes analysis our actions begin from the initial identification of the organization. On this basis, we select the pilot implementation that allows us to get very soon the first tangible benefits from our work. At the same time we are developing a consistent and long-term strategy to optimize and automate all business processes in the company, which is named as BPM program.
BPM Program
The first step in any BPM program is the identification and analysis of the processes that will be automated. IBM methodology offers a detailed guidance on conducting workshops on initial identification, mapping the processes in the organization and then creating a detailed process models chosen for further work and possible automation. TOGAF® methodology is a general approach to enterprise architecture change management in the organization.
BPM projects are a classic example of this type of change - business processes usually undergo across various departments, engage many stakeholders and have a significant impact on both the organization and IT systems. TOGAF® distinguishes several standard layers emphasizing that only the analysis of all these layers can give a complete picture of the architecture. From the very beginning of the project you should be fully aware that the business process analysis should also include an analysis of IT systems that support these processes. Changing these systems obviously will affect the final shape of processes supported by them.
Our approach to optimizing processes service in the organization is very open and flexible. We are aware that some areas of business activities focus on the processes (e.g. processing the vacation requests), while others focus on data or documents (e.g. accounting or invoices). Therefore, we evaluate each of these areas on an individual basis, taking into account its specifics.
As a result it may turn out that while in some areas the best way to improve the process is to implement the BPM platform, in others the best solution will be the implementation of the ECM platform, a portal, mass data processing system or another solution. Finally, it may turn out that in some cases it will be enough just to optimize the procedures, without interfering into the IT tools, while other processes are optimized well enough and do not need any action.
BPM Analysis