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We know that people are our greatest asset
We realize that our success depends mainly on the people who work with us. We know that people are our greatest asset. We strive to create a culture and working conditions that motivate to act and let us work with pleasure. Our team is a group of ambitious experts and good colleagues.

Building software we use the JVM family languages such as Java, Scala and Groovy as well as Microsoft .NET platform. Unlike many other software houses, we are not afraid to recommend to our customers the latest technologies. We strive to develop every project we start using the latest technologies. We do not avoid functional languages or non-relational databases.

We also understand that to various technologies are the most effective in solving various problems. We implement this approach by use of a high degree of componentisation in systems that we build; we believe in architecture based on microservices. This way it is easier for us to constantly look for better solutions and stay up to date!
Methodology and quality
To effectively achieve the business objectives of our clients we use agile methodologies for software development. One of our managers is the world-class expert in this field. We work in Scrum, we are familiar with Kanban and we constantly improve all our developing processes by regular retrospectives. Quality is always our priority. We understand that in the long term higher quality means greater productivity.
Additionally, we believe in the automation of all our activities, with particular emphasis on test automation. We are passionate about test-driven design and domain- driven design. We like when our code is readable, so we use the benefits of code review and pair programming. We know that in some areas you can and even must strive for perfection!
Professional development

We are active in the community. For many of us regular participation in industry conferences is one of the passions. We have lecturers who fulfill their ambitions both at local meetings type WJUG and at prestigious international conferences. We are proud that we have helped many of our colleagues to make the first step towards becoming a recognized person in the community. Also, we have contributed to many open-source projects.

We organise our internal hackatons that let us gradually explore new technologies. On our own initiative we organize regular meetings in the convention of "internal WJUG", where we share both our technical knowledge as well as good practices and we discuss the experience of our projects!

How we work?
Taking care of our employees we do not limit ourselves only to the sphere of professional development. We provide free medical care, English lessons in our office or external monitors. We have integration trips, we do barbecues in our garden, we have a play room with table tennis and table football. Some teams also like to play darts. Flexible approach to working time allows students to combine work in BMS with classes at the university. For bike commuters we offer showers, while drivers can park their cars in the free car park in front of our company.

We regularly discuss how to make our work easier. At Lean Coffee meetings talk about our ideas and needs. Everyone has the right to share his or her ideas and thoughts, every proposal will be discussed. Our discussions have helped to implement a number of inspiring ideas. This is how we started the internal hackathons, regular R&D meetings or subsiding our football team. We do not forget about the more prosaic issues such as a bike rack or a regular supply of fruit for squeezing fresh juices. Thanks to this approach, we can work in BMS more and more easier and pleasant!

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Sport subsidies
Tickets for conferences
Free car park
Internal training
Internal hackathons
Health insurance
Pair programming
Table Football
Bike rack
English classes
IntelliJ Ultimate Edition
Barbecue and parties
Flexible working hours