BPM System

Business processes automation
The effective functioning of any organization depends on the harmonious interaction of its operations. The lack of a smooth flow of information, unidentified downtimes and problems or a large number of activities carried out by the employees manually cause a quality decline and low efficiency of the organization. The ability to automate and optimize processes is becoming a key factor so as to successfully compete in the market.
BPM System

In response to these needs BMS has developed a BPM system that consists of a suite of modern and flexible solutions allowing for a wide automation of business processes and monitoring business processes in the enterprise

Our BPM system consists of the following elements:

What is a BPM Platform?

It is a central engine that processes business processes and integrates with the IT environment. BPM PLATFORM is BPM class system based on a widely accepted standard BPMN 2.0. Depending on the business needs of the enterprise BPM Platform is equipped with the Activiti engine.
BPM PLATFORM is equipped with the graphical tools that allow for easy business processes modelling in BPMN 2.0 and creating various forms. Filling a form by the user, sending a notification through an e-mail system, ordering a task to an external system such as creating or archiving a document may be a part of the process.
BPM Platform is also equipped with the reporting tools that measure and maintain a multitude of processes that are carried out by the end users.

Ergonomic interface for the end user that enables the implementation of process tasks as well as process monitoring and management. PORTAL BPM can be equipped with functionalities specific for the organisation.


Depending on the needs of the enterprise, BPM platform is integrated with the system ECM (e.g. Alfresco platform) or with any other repository for document management.


This allows for centralized management of the document templates designed for the customer (contracts, offers, requests etc.) and immediately sharing changes in documents with all systems integrated with GENERATOR without involving any suppliers. Central system for document templates management in the enterprise and for automatic generation of professional-looking documents. Document templates are created in DOCX format (MS Word).