Back and middle-office systems

Tailor-made enterprise-class systems
One of our key specializations are enterprise-class systems that support middle and back-office. We have extensive experience in mass data processing as well as in business processes support in the organization. We have off-the-shelf products ready to customize and we develop and implement these types of systems from the scratch meeting the unique requirements of our customers.
Financial analyst
Web-based tool to analyze the financial situation of the companies, their operating efficiency and benchmarking. This application has many features allowing for counting ratios for companies, conducting financial analysis or illustrating the company's position in the industry and against competitive entities. This is the one and only comprehensive tool for financial analysis available on the Polish market.
FES - file integration platform
FES is a solution that allows for the effective integration of various systems in the heterogeneous environments. It automates data exchange in complex environments. It works in local and wide area networks on heterogeneous hardware and software platforms. The purpose of the system is to fully automate the file exchange between servers operating in local and wide area networks. FES can safely integrate different platforms eliminating the risk of mistakes and conducting extensive operation logs.