GenDoc – Document Generator

Centralizes and automates document files generation

GenDoc Alfresco Document Generator centralizes and automates the process of generation of document files like contracts, offers, invoices, price lists, correspondence, etc. in the enterprise. GenDoc is a service with a dedicated API enabled to all other processes implemented in Alfresco. The main function of this service is to listen to Alfresco processes and when requested, generate a Word or PDF document basing on a template. The document is then returned to the process. GenDoc can handle any number of processes and can operate with any number of templates that are stored and managed in a dedicated folder of Alfresco repository.

GenDoc can significantly increase the functionality of Alfresco solution while reducing its overall implementation costs. The list of document types that can be produced by GenDoc depends only on custom requirements of the organization. The most frequent are:

  • Contracts containing formatted text that is fed with customer’s data
  • Extensive pricelists of products
  • Schedules of loan repayment (with a structure of a list)
  • Documents with multiplied sections, i.e. for a list of shareholders in a mortgage

Additionally, the following elements can be used for parameterization of templates:

  • Conditional structures (optional paragraphs etc.)
  • Control over division of pages and sections in the document
  • Management of headers and footers
  • Numbering of pages
  • Special fields etc.

GenDoc contains a tool for generation of barcodes and QR codes in various formats and of diverse data capacity. These codes can be placed in any part of the document.

The documents provided to the clients are the face of the organization. Automatic generation of such documents can guarantee high quality of the documents and will help avoid human errors. It is quite typical that the documents are prepared in the organization manually by employees. Meantime, in many cases the guaranteed maximum time needed to handle a customer can be a crucial parameter for competitiveness on the market. On the other hand, the processing time of documents by operators at the middle-office directly converts to operational costs. By shortening the time of documents preparation GenDoc can bring significant performance increase.
Using GenDoc is simple and straightforward. Templates of documents can be created by end users without any support from BMS. Modifications of their content can be made anytime, become available instantly, and do not require any changes on the side of the processes that are beneficiaries of GenDoc. GenDoc can produce documents in one of two formats - readonly PDF and editable Word. PDF files ensure that nobody fill edit the document after it is generated by GedDoc. However, sometimes such modifications are necessary for any reasons, and for such cases Word format can be applied to the documents.