AVARO – cash management and optimization

Avaro provides full support for cash management business processes
Modern cash management requires more sophisticated tools than spreadsheets or standard logistics systems. Cash management platform AVARO allows to take reliable and efficient decisions concerning cash management that result in a significant cost reduction. AVARO combines the full service of all business processes in the bank in the area of cash transactions with mechanisms for forecasting and optimizing transport plans for example through integration with the bank infrastructure.

AVARO provides full support for cash turnover business processes. Our platform is equipped with all essential functionalities needed in the headquarters, branches and vaults as well as with those designed for bank's corporate clients. AVARO supports all cash streams - deposits and withdrawals, transports among cash-points and branches, ATM network, vaults, corporate customers, cash exchange with the National Bank and with external banks.

Forecasting and optimization engine is an independent module that can be easily integrated with the platform. Its purpose is to generate a recommendation of optimal cash transport to branches, ATMs and vaults. It is powered with the historical process data on cash turnover in the bank. Basing on those data AVARO forecasts cash levels for the following days and sets and recommends the optimal transport plan.
Headquarters processes - network
  • Requirements corrections and approvals
  • Forecasts generation and Transports optimalisation
  • Transports execution control
  • Cash records in the bank
  • Transfers
  • Operational reports
  • Administrative activities
Branch processes
  • Requirements
  • Cash commission status service
  • Ad hoc cash commissions
  • Cash reports
  • Raporty kasowe, protokoły różnic


Headquarters processes – corporate clients
  • Managing clients database and their location
  • Cash deposits orders
  • Scheduling deposits
  • Close payment records
  • Preparing invoices
Corporate Client processes
  • Ordering deposits
  • Scheduling deposits
  • close payments preview
Cash processing facilities and convoys processes
  • Cash commissions reception
  • Cash commission status service
  • Corporate deposits service