Forecasting and optimization - mathematical methods in decision support systems

Mathematical algorithms
Expert systems and decision support systems require special competence. They are used in all areas of life, from finance to medicine, from industry to media and marketing. These systems share one common feature - they apply mathematical algorithms. Depending on the needs, they may need statistical, forecasting or optimization mechanisms.

Competence and experience

We are experienced experts in the construction and implementation of decision support systems that apply mathematical algorithms. We combine many years of experience in developing enterprise-class IT systems with mathematical competence of academics that cooperate with us on daily basis. Optimization and forecasting engine AVARO is an example of such a system.

On the border of finance and logistics

This solution is on the border of finance and logistics. Our engine uses statistical methods to forecast the request for cash in the banking network and basing on the results of the forecasts optimizes with mathematical solvers the cost of the cash transports plans. These plans take into account the requests for cash in the hundreds or even thousands of points - bank branches, ATMs, cash centers. Their automation and optimization reduces daily operating commitment of hundreds of employees of the bank and generates invoice savings in cash management.
The nature of the projects involving the implementation of systems with mathematical algorithms differs from the classic projects. There are additional elements such as mathematical modelling, the R & D activities or the need to tune the solutions. Quality tests are complicated for various reasons - due to the high complexity of mechanisms (external optimization solvers), the subject of mathematical operations (e.g. thousands of points that are calculated) or lack of reproducibility in the methods (e.g. stochastic algorithms).
To realize such projects successfully you not only need to have the appropriate mathematical competence, but you also have to know the proper methods for conducting this type of projects. Our company can offer both mathematical services of highly skilled professionals and proven-in-practice methodology of implementation of decision support and expert systems.