GRYF- bank accountability and anti-money laundering

Automatically detects suspicious and related transactions

GRYF supports the obligation of reporting to the GIIF in accordance with the Law on the prevention of money laundering and counter-terrorist financing amended on 25 June 2009. Our system not only allows to automate processes related to the mandatory reports to the General Inspectorate of Financial Information, but above all automatically detects transactions related and suspected of money laundering or financing terrorism, implements the obligation of documenting and archiving their analysis or verifying if transactions are blacklisted.
GRYF allows to integrate with any transaction systems, to process data into formats required by the legislature, and to automate the process of data collection, storage, archiving, processing and its secure transfer to GIIF.
Open architecture and modern and flexible definition and business rules engine guarantees easy adaptation to the new legal requirements, changes in the characteristics of suspicious transactions and the integration of new data sources.


  • analysis of transactions based on business rules
  • search for suspicious transaction
  • search for related transactions
  • classifying customers in risk class
  • keeping the record of the transaction in accordance with the requirements of the regulator
  • reporting to the GIIF in the required format
  • ergonomic tools for graphical analysis
  • clear presentation of the analyzes results
  • defining business rules using a simple, specialized language
  • black and white lists processing, automatic integration of standard lists such as SDN, CFSP, HM Treasury
  • rich, convenient, browser-based user interface
  • multiple-instance, scalability, monitoring
  • data registration on suspended transactions