OLIMPIA - liquidity management platform

Personalised liquidity products
OLIMPIA platform allows banks to create customized liquidity products for corporate clients, local government units and small and medium-sized enterprises. It allows to build complex products including services such as national and international Cash- Pooling, automatic investment funds, redirecting payments. It also allows to create multi-level structures of services of any number of levels.
OLIMPIA is a ready-made solution for the banks that combines the following elements:
  • The most common pre-defined liquidity services types
  • A system that is easy to deploy
  • High flexibility in the developing newliquidity services if there are new business needs
OLIMPIA provides at low cost and with little effort high-quality liquidity services support as well as the flexibility of the system and its later development driven by future business needs. At present in the rapidly changing world it is impossible to predict all future business needs. Every bank needs to be prepared for quick and easy adjustment of its offer to meet the needs of customers and the market. OLYMPIA is the solution that guarantees that.