OZYRYS - payment processing

Mass Payment Processing Solution
OZYRYS is a flexible, integrated platform that processes all types of payments and allows to build sophisticated products for customers. OZYRYS supports both domestic and international settlement systems and many different types of payments including immediate payments and payments made ​​via SORBNET2. Our platform meets the requirements of the law on payment services and Payment Services Directive (PSD).
For years we have been developing competences related to payment processing automation. While developing OZYRYS and implementing its functionalities, we did our utmost to meet all the objectives and rigorous demands defined by a modern bank. In particular, our system fully utilizes numerous sets of business rules (Business Process Rules) and workflow graphs specific for mass payment processing. This enables full automation of the processes from the moment of the reception and recognition of the incoming message, through its sequential processing, up to the accounting stage and the order execution stage (Straight Through Processing).

The open architecture of the platform allows easy integration with heterogeneous information environment in theBank - both  with own systems, systems of customers and present and future clearing systems . The above diagram shows the typical location of OZYRYS in the IT environment of the bank.

Most important functional mechanisms:

  • Alerts, reminders, notifications
  • Recognising redirection accounts
  • Virtual accounts service
  • Automatic correction of messages
  • Control of funds availability
  • Currency conversion date management
  • Consolidation of payments
  • Standing orders service
  • Payment orders service
  • Defining the routing of messages/li>
  • Defining various transaction fees models
  • User and authorization management
  • Reporting