SAILOR - sales process support

A mature system that will improve your sales processes
Nowadays, the market of financial services in Poland has reached high maturity. For customers count not only the offered process, but also attractive and offer tailored to their needs as well as other aspects such as short time and high quality of service. To be able to meet all expectations, the financial institution needs a mature system that fully and efficiently improves its sales processes.

Selling the financial products is a complex process that involves many stakeholders (customers, agents, employees of the financial institution). SAILOR supports all the functional stages of the sale, from the preparation of the offer, through risk assessment to printing the contract documents and exporting the data to the central system.

Rich functionality of our system automates the work of the process participants at every step and allows a quick access to the detailed information about the status of current and archival cases. SAILOR is built by an experienced team that has developed broad business competences in supporting the sales of financial products and knows every need of everyday retailers.