CLAIMS –central system for claims service

Effective support of insurance products

A large number of insurance products demand appropriate tools supporting the business processes. Our CLAIMS system is a modern solution that combines traditional workflow with automatic accounting operations. It is a complex tool that supports both simple payments as well as sophisticated actuarial needs. Our system makes claims service on one hand advanced and multi-variant and on the other hand fast and simple.
CLAIMS system provides full support for business processes related to the claims and payments management - it supports the full path of reporting damage from the payment to the total liquidation of the insurance as well as calculating the interest, supporting different levels of acceptance and interacting with external systems. Our system is also equipped with the extensive reporting tool in the area of ​​business and accounting.
By integrating the CLAIMS system you can centralize the process of claims service. All information about every status is available in one system. CLAIMS system allows you to record claims from any external system (via WebServices) in file reports and in the web application. Apart from generating the payments to external systems, CLAIMS make possible to perform other business operations such as closing insurance policies in central systems or AML reporting.